Gym Clothes

For those who enjoy a high-intensity workout, the type of gym clothes that are worn is actually very important. Not only will these items reflect your unique style, but they will also serve some very functional purposes. So, what are two of the most common types of apparel worn and what benefits does each offer?

Tank Tops
This clothing has always defined the so-called “gym rat”, and for good reason. Able to display one’s physique while accentuating the arms, chest and shoulders, tank tops are perfect for those who want a visually stimulating workout. Still, they will allow you to remain cool under even the most grueling of routines. Of course, Gorillawear offers a wide variety of these items and many are worn by the top bodybuilders in the world.

Track Pants
Your mobility is essential while at the gym. Whether you wish to safely get through your leg day or you are planning to run a few kilometres on the treadmill, track pants are essential items. While these are great during your rountine, let’s not forget that keeping warm immediately afterwards is just as important. Gorillawear track pants will provide both of these benefits.

Of course, this company also supplies shirts, jackets and a variety of other apparel for the gym enthusiast. As all are made of highly durable materials, they will provide support and comfort for an untold amount of time. These are some of the main reasons why gym clothes are so very important.

Fitness Clothing

Fitness clothing should be just as an important part of your workout routine as the number of repetitions and the movements carried out. Why is this type of clothing so important? There are two main reasons why the tank tops, sweaters, track pants and accessories provided by Gorillawear are all must-have items within the gym.

Your Personality

Although a grueling workout may very much be a one-on-one battle with your own willpower, there is nothing to say that you cannot look good while struggling through that last killer repetition or during a circuit training session. In fact, you will regularly see some of the most recognised names in the entire industry sporting their own unique apparel. So, style can go a long way in this sense. By displaying your own personality, you will let others around you know just how serious you are at achieving your goals.

The Functional Benefit

Still, looking good is not always good enough. You must accommodate the needs of your body during a challenging fitness routine. The two main concerns are mobility and comfort. Proper fitness clothing will reflect both of these attributes. As Gorillawear supplies only the most durable fabrics and styles available, you can rest assured in the fact that all fitness clothing will stand up to the rigours that you put your body through.

These are some of the benefits when choosing Gorillawear fitness clothing for the gym. With such a wide selection to enjoy, your unique personality will be exhibited with flair and style.

Gym shorts

Gorilla Wear provides heavy-duty sportswear for hard-working athletes and gymnasts, and specialises in bodybuilding and workout clothing. At you can find quality gym-wear designed to fit all your workout activities.

Often an intense workout means working up a hefty sweat. Gorilla Wear offers a solution for that too-hot-and-sweaty feeling: workout shorts! Gorilla workout shorts are knee-length with elasticised waistbands, and loose fitting for maximum comfort.

’82 Sweat Shorts’
These are basic black shorts with side stripes and Gorilla logos in either grey or red.

‘Superior Mesh Shorts’
Mesh lets air through and keeps you cool, so for those extra-hot workouts let your skin breath: go for these polyester mesh shorts. They come in white or grey with side logo in blue.

‘Classic Seersucker Shorts’
Another way to keep cool is to lighten up the basic material. A really light-weight variation is seersucker; these shorts are in solid black or grey, with pockets.

‘Dunellen Mesh Shorts’
The new polyester mesh Dunellen line is light and cool; tiny air-holes in the fabric provide constant freshness as your workout intensifies. They come in anthracite with black side logo, or black with grey logo.

‘Hotpant Heavy Shorts’
For those who prefer short shorts, these black hotpants (with side stripe and logo), are close-fitting, completely elasticised and short. Made of cotton and elastane, they accompany your every movement.

All these workout shorts are available at Gorilla Wear is the specialist in quality bodybuilding and workout gym-wear, equipped to satisfy all your workout requirements.

Tough Workouts Do Not Last. Gorillawear Workout Pants Do.

Have you been looking to take your workout to the next level? Are you struggling with your current squat weight or do you feel as if you have reached a plateau in your running time? If so, consider that your efforts revolve just as much around the garments that you wear as they do around motivation. What are Gorilla Wear workout pants able to offer that your normal workout gear fails to accommodate?

Your Needs When You Need Them

Each workout is different and therefore, you will need to approach your training sessions in equally unique ways. Perhaps you are warming up with a light jog before pyramiding up and down with heavy squats. If so, why not choose Gorilla Wear mesh pants to keep those quads warm? Or, you could instead be walking to the gym on a chilly morning and require protection from the elements with a pair of track pants. Of course, these are only two examples of the multitude of options to choose. From heavy-duty cargo pants to stylish sweat pants, Gorilla Wear has your needs covered. In fact, you are even able to choose a pair of jeans for those days when a bit of fashion sense is desired.

As these garments are all available in multiple sizes, choosing the best fit has never been easier. We believe that comfort should never be sacrificed for functionality. Designed by professionals for those who take their lifting sessions seriously, there is simply no better choice.

Gorillawear Fitness Clothing: The Professional Edge

Would you ever consider entering the gym without having taken your pre-workout supplements or when you are less than fully hydrated? The answer to this question should be obvious. So, why not embrace the very same levels of preparation in reference to the fitness clothing that you select? If you are interested in showing off the latest styles or simply require garments that are able to stand up to the brutality of a heavy training day, the line of garments offered at rises above and beyond “generic” garments. Whether referring to sweatpants and sweatshirts or mesh tank tops intended to show off your bulging shoulders, you have indeed come to the right place.

Leaving Nothing to Chance

One of the reasons why Gorillawear has been the go-to clothing source for such names as Flex Wheeler and Dennis James is that all of the apparel has been manufactured with the specific needs of the athlete in mind. From reinforced stitching to eye-catching designs and numerous sizes, the serious trainer can be guaranteed that the concept of second best certainly has no place within this clothing line.

What You Need When You Need It

Thankfully, it has never been easier to browse and select all of the different garments that are available. Through the use of a centralised online portal, you can quickly browse through hundreds of unique styles and athlete-focused categories. Looking and training like the pros is now a reality with the help of Gorillawear.